Post-Op Instructions


Post-Operative Instructions Following Root Canal Therapy

Thank you for selecting us for your root canal therapy.  Please follow the guidelines below and contact us with any questions.

  • Following your procedure you will feel numb until the local anesthetic has worn off.  During this time, do not chew or drink hot liquids as you may burn yourself or bite your lip, tongue or cheek.
  • If any prescriptions were given, please have them filled promptly.  If you are not allergic, you may use an anti-inflammatory medication such as Motrin or Advil (ibuprofin).  A general adult dosage recommendation is 600-800 mg every 6-8 hours as needed.  It is best to take your first dose before the local anesthetic completely wears off.  Also, keep in mind the maximum daily adult dose of ibuprofen is 3200 mg/day.  If you are allergic to ibuprofen, instead use Tylenol or whatever else you might take for a headache or mild pain.
  • Once you begin to eat or drink, avoid chewing or biting on the area worked on until your permanent restoration is in place.  This area will likely be sensitive due to the procedure and inflammation in the area.
  • You must return to your dentist for a permanent restoration as soon as possible, preferably within six weeks.  He or she will recommend the best type of restoration for your particular situation.
  • You have a temporary filling in your tooth.  It is rare for a temporary filling to fall out although it may “sink” into the opening in your tooth.  If your temporary falls out after office hours you may purchase some temporary filling material from most pharmacies and follow the included instructions.
  • Discomfort is normal following endodontic treatment.  In some cases the tooth and surrounding tissue may be sore for a few weeks following the treatment.  Please be sure to call the office with any questions you may have, and if any swelling or severe pain occurs which is not controlled by taking either over the counter analgesics, or any prescriptions you may have been given.